• LandCARE

    Land, climate and resources
  • LandSeminar

    Knowledge on climate change, ecosystems, agriculture and rural areas

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  • LandLab

    Field trials, experiments and current projects

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  • LandCulture

    Space for activities and information on cultivation, cultural affairs and art

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Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary

LandCARE supports the exchange and generation of knowledge between research institutions and practical application. In this context practitioners are seen as persons who seek improvements based on own experience and partly experiment themselves. Scientists are seen as persons, who are interested in collaboration beyond their own specialty. For interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity are essentially based on persons.

Complementary and Flexible

Neither the work of research and educational institutions nor that of administration should be replaced, but their results will be taken up and supplemented, for example by keeping contact beyond confined terms of projects. Depending on subjects and needs, projects of various size or permanent tasks could be conceived. Thereby LandCARE wants to act independently and in a flexible manner.

Integrative and Customized

To work on various topics with different players and methods, a broad range of scientific expertise, but also a great integration capability are required. For a successful implementation of results, individuals must be convinced and individual solutions have to be developed. Insight and understanding are pre-requisites of change and require perseverance.


The acronym LandCARE signifies Land, Climate and Resources. It dates back to a joint project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (LandCaRe2020), which was coordinated by the Technischen Universität Dresden. A central product of the project was the decision support system LandCaRe DSS. 

From the Contract of Association

Excerpt from the contract in German language